happy prince

artist: Apple Light

title: new morning

catalog no: HPPR039

release date: 2012.7.11

media: CD

1. new morning

2. ame furi box

3. starshaped

4. シルエット

5. tomorrow flowers

6. toy world

7. night in you

8. girl

9. 水たまりの空に

10. pink gold

11. happy crying

12. 窓枠の世界

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Hailing from Nagoya, the third biggest city in Japan, they had formed a cover band of Smashing Pumpkins in their university era. After graduation, Kosuke Toduka (Vocal, Guitar), Naoki Magota (Guitar), Ai Yoshida (Bass Guitar) and Yuya Oitate (Drums) formed Apple Light. Affected by 1990’s alternative music, they also have been affected by Japanese indie pop, and they gradually came to create their own music. Rooting in Nagoya, they have played some shows and connected to Nagoya Scene. On 18th Mar 2009, they release their debut album called Pocketful of Rain from Happy Prince. After releasing the album, they have broadened their activity from Nagoya to Tokyo. Their live performance is much appreciated also by many music fans in Tokyo. On 11th Jul 2012, they released their sophomore album called New Morning domestically. The album is coming with 4P digipack and mastered by Corey Fuller.

Apple Light