happy prince

artist: broken little sister

title: memories, violet & demons

catalog no: HPPR027

release date: 2010.11.17

media: CD

1. blue

2. silence

3. colour

4. don't let go

5. birthday

6. free

7. little riot

8. still

9. view

10. don't be afraid

broken little sister started in Yokohama, Japan on 2005. Their music is just like the ordinal temperature and has the feel like floating. Fusing shoegaze, electronica, ambient, folk and psychedelic music, they create their own unique sounds. They had played as a supporting act for Ulrich Schnauss, Pia Fraus, Sportsday Megaphone and Anderson during 2008-2009. The song called "silence" is often played by Ulrich Schnauss when he plays as a DJ. That is well known to Club AC30 and Sonic Cathedral in UK. "bls" spreads their original sounds from Japan to the world. Their first full-length album called "memories, violet & demons" is released from Happy Prince on November 2010.

video directed by VJ Beat

broken little sister