happy prince

artist: civic

title: toilet monster

catalog no: HPPR040

release date: 2012.9.19

media: CD

1. toilet paper

2. monster

3. innocent

4. sweaterdog

5. you

6. koi no uta

7. tensai

8. maboroshi

9. campcar

10. guitar

11. moshi

12. rosoku

13. lemon

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Hailing from Tokyo, the band leader Hachisuka had called up his friend Kodai, Marikko (the future Hachisuka’s wife) and his youger sister Tomoko to form the band. They were all the beginners as for music except Kodai. They are affected by Galaxie 500, Pavement and so many other foreign bands. They had played many shows mainly in Tokyo. They had played as a front act for Ringo Dethstarr, Fleeting Joys and The Radio Dept. After that, Ouji joined the band. Now Civic has triple guitars. Their popularity is not limited in Japan, but also overseas. Roque (Cloudberry Records) got to be a big fan of them, and he interviewed with Civic on his blog. On 19th Sep 2012, they had released their debut album called toilet monster from Happy Prince domestically. The album is coming with 4P paper sleeve and mastered by Zengyo.