happy prince

artist: eaststrikewest

title: We're Important And We Keep The City Running. We're Important, We're Important, We're Important...

catalog no: HPPR037

release date: 2012.4.4

media: CD

1. Bless!

2. Twisting Muscles

3. The Outsider

4. Must Not Sleep, Must Warn Others

5. Waking From Comas

6. Marionettes

7. Red Sun

8. With One Last Breath

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‘We're important and we keep the city running. We're important, we're important, we're important...’ was their sophomore release.
Debut album ‘wolvves’ was well received by the music press and fans alike. Tours followed with the likes of This Will Destroy You and Junius as well as festival appearances at the likes of Hevy and Rhythms of the World. Many major labels vied for the band’s attention, and they set about recording that ‘difficult second album’. In the highly combustible studio environment, eaststrikewest imploded before the album was mixed. ‘We’re Important…’ was finalised by Jason Sanderson.
Deemed too good to not be heard by the general public, this heady mix of lofty ambition, anxiety and sharply honed creativity serves as a befitting eulogy to the band that was eaststrikewest.



Band members:
S Barrett – vox, guitar, harmonica, percussion
Dean Brown – guitar
Sam Toms – vox, guitar
Dave Griffen – bass
John Lynch – drums
Jenny Bollen – vox, keyboards, percussion