happy prince

artist: Fireflies

title: Autumn Almanac

catalog no: HPPR031

release date: 2011.3.16

media: CD

1. The Breeze

2. Paper Crane

3. Your Map

4. Piano Song

5. Everything's Hidden Away

6. Stars Falling Down

7. Himitsu

8. Confidentially

9. Summer too Soon

10. Sunsets in June

11. A Thousand Days

12. Back Home*

13. Confidentially (Orchestra Version)*

13. Our Time to Fall*

13. Your Map (Acoustic Version)*

* = bonus tracks for Happy Prince version

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What is an “Autumn Almanac?” Unlike a traditional almanac, “Autumn Almanac” is a record of a world that exists only in dreams: the type of dreams you wish could be real. It is a document of a place where reality does not get in the way, and the purest thoughts of your heart and mind are free to litter the damp streets like fallen leaves. “Autumn Almanac” is also the title of the 2nd proper album from Chicago’s one-man-band, Fireflies. Multi-instrumentalist Lisle Mitnik (Very Truly Yours, Two if By Sea) uses gently-plucked acoustic guitars, syrupy strings and swirling organs to paint a fragile portrait of isolation, lost love and childhood fantasy. Fans of The Clientele, The Field Mice, Nick Drake, The Cat’s Miaow, The Magnetic Fields, and Belle and Sebastian should feel right at home wrapped up in these pocket symphonies. All tracks remastered by Corey Fuller.



"I grew up in the tundras of New England playing classical piano. One day I moved to California to go to school and decided to start writing songs. I bought a Portastudio and started recording, combining my love for lo-fi indie recordings of the 1980s and 90s with my unrefined knowledge of classical arrangement. I try to craft each song into a tiny snow-globe-sized universe you can curl up in and get lost for a little while."