happy prince

artist: fragment.

title: is your truth carved in the sand?

catalog no: HPPR013

release date: 2009.8.19

media: CD

1. as it always is

2. two becomes one

3. ghost

4. numb or blind

5. burn

6. empire

7. loose yourself

8. divided part 2

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fragment. (written all in small letters with a period) is a solo project by Thierry ARNAL from France. He started fragment. since 2006 and has released numerous LPs and EPs from Belgium label called ConSouling Sounds and by himself. All guitars, keyboards, bass, programming and vocals are performed by this talented man. Indeed a supernova in the drone metal, shoegazer scene. "is your truth carved in the sand ?" is released by Happy Prince, known to the people for their Nadja release. For fans of Jesu, Alcest and Nadja. Packaged in a special cardboard sleeve. Drawings by Satoshi Ozawa.

music genres: drone metal, doom metal, shoegaze



"cavity" EP (2006)
"monolith" LP (2007)
"towards the surface" EP (2008)
"s/t" LP (2008)
"astray" SPLIT w/Methadrone unreleased
"divided" EP (2009) unreleased
"the game is over" EP
"Better Living (through chemistry)" collaboration on vocals with Methadrone's third full length (2009)
"is your truth carved in the sand ?" LP (2009)