happy prince

artist: Moscow Olympics

title: Cut The World

catalog no: HPPR028

release date: 2010.12.8

media: CD

1. What Is Left Unsaid

2. No Winter, No Autumn

3. Second Trace

4. Safe

5. Carolyn

6. Ocean Sign

7. Cut The World

8. Still*

9. Talk Like This*

* = bonus tracks for Happy Prince version.

Formed in 2006, Moscow Olympics were five old friends that shared a love for Sarah Records, Factory, Creation, Shoegaze, indiepop, Swedish music and pop in general. The band got the name Moscow Olympics from a great Orange Juice b-side and a fascination with all things Russian, as well as the 80s. Moscow Olympics are currently a four-piece band consisting of AJ (vocals, guitars) Melanie (bass), Jojo (keyboards) and Richard (drums, guitars). All songs from the first two releases were recorded and mixed at the Drone Loft, a friend's attic-turned-studio. In 2007, Moscow Olympics have already been playing a few gigs within the Manila indie scene when they decided to record some songs. There were no plans to release with any particular label, the band just wanted to attempt to recreate the songs in the studio. After the songs were recorded, a myspace page was created and some labels expressed interest in releasing their recordings. The band, whose members were all huge fans of Swedish pop music decided to release with Fraction Discs and Lavender Recordings, two wonderful little Swedish labels that the band has admired for some time. Happy Prince version contains the original tracks from “Cut The World” along with very rare “Still” EP as the bonus tracks. All tracks were remastered by Corey Fuller.

Moscow Olympics