happy prince

artist: my violainé morning

title: The Next Episode of This World

catalog no: HPPR035

release date: 2011.9.14

media: CD

1. Morning Angels

2. Light Inside

3. The Downtown Lights

4. Find A Way

5. Room Flies

6. 99 Miles

7. Old Habits + New Technology =

8. Hydrophobia

9. Mindless Dream

10. Light Inside (Remix by Telegraph Reverb)


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my violainé morning is an expression driven by saturation, isolated, sadness, madness, hope and wishes in the human life which represented by nuance of delaying clean guitar and heavy distortion fused in gloomy ambient. Deliver you an unexpected imagination and vision from another side of this world. An Indonesian experimental shoegaze band which formed in Bandung, Indonesia 2004. Their sounds is comprising indie sound scape influenced by experimental shoegaze and post-rock with an ambient dominated and exclusion of delaying guitar in almost their songs, taking every single common instrument into a flowing delay harmonization. In their way to exploring the music, they’re inspired from early 90’s shoegaze scene like My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Ride, and their local shoegaze scenes like TheMilo which can be heard in Where’s My Place to Play EP in 2007. Also influence come from many British band such as The Cure, The Smiths, U2, Ride, Radiohead, etc. Their sounds like combining two different sound character, wet hard distortion covered up by sparkling clean delaying guitar, which we can hear them in many band in early 90’s. They have released several EPs from 2007. After several member changes, now the band consists of Roni Tresnawan, Rikip Bagja Utama, Risky Fahmi Sukandar, Baruna Tyaswara. They hope can still create and exploring their music together whenever and wherever they are and bring a message to the world that we have to “save the earth for a brighter future”. "The Next Episode of This World" is the first official album released by Happy Prince on September 2011. All tracks mastered by Corey Fuller. Just awesome.

my violainé morning