happy prince

artist: NAISHO

title: PARADE

catalog no: HPPR041

release date: 2012.11.7

media: CD

1. chocoholic

2. swallow

3. magic pencil

4. roots

5. morning glow

6. clover

7. party sick 3

8. cat fish

9. tarara

10. dim vision

11. getting better

12. strawberry night


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Hailing from Tokyo, NAISHO was formed in 2006. After Asanuma joined the band, they started playing shows in Tokyo. After several member changes, now the lineup is Tokuyama (Vocal, Guitar), Mabuchi (Guitar), Asami (Bass Guitar) and Asanuma (Drums). Affected by US indie music such as Yo La Tengo and Pavement, Tokuyama got to be an unique song writer. Their music should be highly appreciated by Japanese major pop fans as well as foreign indie pop band fans, who love neo-acoustic movement or Sarah Records. They wrote songs with unique guitar chords, but their music itself is not so difficult, rather easy to be accepted by many many fans. On 7th Nov 2012, they had released their debut album called PARADE from Happy Prince domestically. The album is coming with 4P paper sleeve and mastered by Corey Fuller.