happy prince

artist: The Bird Ensemble

title: Evensong

catalog no: HPPR017

release date: 2009.11.18

media: CD

1. Bop Bop (in memoriam)

2. A Fool's Errand

3. The Glamour of Noble Poses

4. Oaxaca Variation No.1

5. The Wayside

6. Broken Fields

7. We Draw a Line through the Sky

8. Canopy Summer

9. Suns Set

The Bird Ensemble started it's history when Michael Hix met Kyle Williams at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in 2005.
They recorded and self-released their 1st album entitled "Migration" in 2007.
After their graduation of the university, some members left the band. However the band kept their activity and released download-only mini album called "The Last Songbook". Joined by Brandon Duncan and Cara Pollock, they started making their 2nd full length "Evensong". Evensong details a renaissance in The Bird Ensembleʼs lush instrumentation. Assembled with echoing guitars and dream-soaked organs,each phrase and thought is delicately pieced between thoughtful rhythms – producing compositions that unite, churn and vibrate as a barrage of soft images.
Evoking the moment as a reference point for memory, longing, and reflection, Evensong manifests itself as a product of minimalism and jazz, utilizing ambient tones and conventional rock instruments in a prose-less quest. It emerges as an effort; youthful in reach and mature in grasp, to behold the beautiful in context with the present. Held to the rigid standards of their peers in music cityʼs independent community, The Bird Ensemble triumphantly emerges bruised and withered, to present their finest release to date: Evensong.

The Bird Ensemble


Brandon Duncan - drums
Michael Hix - guitar
Charlie McClain - bass
Cara Pollock - keys
Kyle Williams - guitar