happy prince

artist: the lights streaming through the sounds

title: the lights streaming through the sounds

catalog no: HPPR036

release date: 2011.12.21

media: CD

1. lights

2. the peak

3. fragmentary sounds

4. a prayer

5. sunrise

6. india

7. cold sea

8. you

9. agravity

10. in the lights

the lights streaming through the sounds is a solo project by Shinpei Kusuzaka, who is hailing from Yokohama, Japan. He started his musical activity, when he was 19 years old, as a guitarist for some band, but unfortunately that band split up. After the band’s splitting, he had tried to form a new band, but eventually he had found himself to like to make music for expressioning his own feelings. After several years, he started releasing his music through some online labels from about 2000 and also started live activities in Tokyo. He has been affected by Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Bjork, My Bloody Valentine, Fennesz, Jim O’rourke and some psychedelic rock such as “Satanic Majesties” by Rolling Stones. Now he is trying to express something just like feeling the scenary, the light, the wind and his own feelings through his music. Fine illustrations by Satoshi Ogawa. All tracks mastered by Corey Fuller.

the lights streaming through the sounds