happy prince

artist: Tiny Microphone

title: HOME

catalog no: HPPR033

release date: 2011.5.18

media: CD

1. Inside Your Heart

2. New York City Lights

3. We Don't Live Here Anymore

4. Home

5. The Loneliest

6. I Think I Love You

7. Books

8. You Disappear

9. Answering Machine Girlfriend

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Tiny Microphone is Kristine Capua of Chicago indiepop band Very Truly Yours. She bought her first four track recorder in 2001, and has recorded solo material under Tiny Microphone ever since. Kristine has a love for reverb and distortion, which isn't seen much in Very Truly Yours, but is prominent in her solo project. She then compliments the sonic layers with delicate, airy harmonies. "Home" is a compilation of harmonies and noise that tells a story about learning how to fall out of love, when to give up, how to know you're in the right place: home. "Home" is also a collection of songs that she started recording in 2006. They first appeared on Best Kept Secret in cassette format in 2008. Happy prince releases CD edition first ever worldwide. All tracks remastered by Corey Fuller.

Tiny Microphone